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Physio care for corporate wellness

Prohealth Asia, Sep 15, 2018, Corporate Wellness

Sitting for long hours doing the desk job and at times working for extra hours may contribute to stiffness causing back [...]

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Pro-Women at Prohealth: Your physiotherapy partner for life

Prohealth Asia, Sep 13, 2018, Women’s Health

Pain with ageing is common and especially in women who are more prone to bone weakness and as muscles drain out. As we [...]

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Pilates for athletes-building inner strength

Prohealth Asia, Sep 12, 2018, Clinical Pilates

Fitness is the foundation of human health and this concept has evolved in its different dynamics with increased [...]

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Post-Surgery rehabilitation for early recovery

Prohealth Asia, Sep 10, 2018, Post-Surgery Rehab

Physiotherapy is a dynamic field of healing patients from different health problems that encompasses weaknesses of [...]

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Why do children slouch?

Prohealth Asia, Sep 6, 2018, Kids Health

Changes are constant and growth is integral to human life. Since birth to the old age, a person goes through several [...]

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Physiotherapy and breast cancer

Prohealth Asia, Sep 3, 2018, Women’s Health

Breast Cancer is one of the common type of cancers diagnosed in all over the world. It is common to both men and women; [...]

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Myths about exercises in pregnancy busted

Prohealth Asia, Aug 31, 2018, Women’s Health

Congratulation to the expecting mothers who have just conceived. It is natural to be engaged in number of preparations [...]

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Healing from within with personalised physiotherapy

Prohealth Asia, Aug 31, 2018, Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is the physical treatment provided for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from debilitating [...]

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Having a bad back day?

Prohealth Asia, Aug 31, 2018, lower back pain

Lower back pain is the most common lifestyle disorder these days. In fact, it seems as a continuous trend which has [...]

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