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We provide a high-end, modern and well-appointed clinic for patients to relax in a private environment to evaluate and assess symptoms prior to treatment. Our hands-on treatments are unique and patients can expect thorough assessments, expert analysis and evaluation, matched with a specially designed treatment plan and expert care.

I met Shrikant for the chronic pain in my lower back, and the man with magic in his hands fixed me in no time, I am pain free after a long time and continuing my rehab and strengthening at Prohealth Asia and am happy to be playing sports again.

Nikhil Chopra

Ex-cricketer & Commentator/ Analyst

For all those who don’t know my rehab struggle, you have no idea what a vital role ProHealth Asia has played in my life. Today if I am able to dance or move irrespective of the level/genre (about which many people have different opinions, some of which are rather disturbing), it is all because of Neha Kumar from ProHealth Asia. Its definitely not a shout out! I tried to keep this away from everyone but today I feel emotional and in need to share. Life’s utmost comforts like sitting on the pot, walking without crutches and climbing stairs; all of which seemed impossible to me. But it was Neha Kumar, because of whom I could restore my faith and slowly over a period of time things started falling into place. I did put on weight not because I love eating but because I was unable to physically do anything. Take dance away from a dancer’s life, it’s like taking the sun away from the solar system.
I was depressed, I was lonely and I was afraid.
From counselling to rehabilitation things were never smooth during that phase but luckily, I found the best practioner in Delhi. Therefore, I owe Neha Kumar!
Thank you for enabling me to walk confidently again, rehabilitation was not just a painful experience but also an enlightenment process from being able to do nothing- to doing many things today.
The fight is not over yet, because when one goes another comes. Trying everyday to see life through the lens of accepted & a spirit that’s bigger than any problem.

Mr. Chow En Lai

Dancer & Choreographer

Excellent work all around. I think the greatest compliment we can give you is just how busy you all were at MESAC. The athletes and coaches used Pro Health ASIA a lot, and many complimented your company on the care they received. Thanks again and I hope we can keep this going.

Karl Zigmand

Director of Student Activities/Athletics,
American Embassy School, New Delhi

Working with Sonika during the lockdown has been an amazing experience. I didn't think I would continue to make such good progress through online classes but I'm honestly surprised. Sonika is very driven and that's why each session with her is very fulfilling. I always know that the work I put in with her, will translate and help me in my game. Before training with her, I often neglected injuries and also didn't pay attention to what I needed to improve on. I'm thankful to have her in my team, and am excited to continue working with her, because I have already made such a big improvement in such a short span of time.

Tanvi Khanna

National squash player, Silver Medal winner,
Asian games 2018

I’m mighty happy that I finally pushed myself to go and take the first step. Though, I’ve always considered myself to be fit, over the last few months have been pondering over the thought of physical fitness, and bringing in some sort of exercise or sports regime into my routine.
What’s great about Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre is the fact that they not only look at muscle or body building but overall at physical and mental health. With leading experts in terms of sport physiotherapists, clinical and sport psychologists, genetical nutritionists and more, it’s about wholesome good living, where they do not push you but rather guide you to achieve your goals whether short or long term. A big thanks to Nupur Nath for introducing me to Prohealth Asia and to Neha for guiding me in terms of what I need to do to better myself.

Rasna Bhasin

Digital Consultant & Digital Editor for Harper’s Bazar Bride, India

Very informative and very informed. Great experience, fixed me 70% already. Just perfect!

Chitrangada Singh

Bollywood Actor

I have been suffering from a deep-seated muscular pain in my right lateral for the past 12 yrs.
Over the years I have tried various physiotherapists as well as alternative remedies without much success.
A phone call to Pro-Health got me and my numerous MRI’s, X-rays and CT’s an immediate face to face with their expert physios.
After many years of conflicting reports, someone finally pinpointed the reason for my pain.
Pro Health has been instrumental in making my life pain free and they have charted a rehab program for me so that I stay pain-free and can pursue an active lifestyle.

Vikram Bhadauria

Amateur Mountaineer & Motorcycle Enthusiast

On behalf of the Indian Rugby Football Union (IRFU), we would like to take this opportunity to thank Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, Delhi for extending their services as a Medical Partner for the KES, Birmingham, UK School’s India Rugby Tour, where the School’s Senior Boys played two matches against Delhi based clubs – Delhi Hurricanes and Delhi Rebels. The professionalism, dedication and commitment of Ankush, Manvi and Diwangana, who were assigned to this project on behalf of Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre, Delhi was commendable.The professional service for the entire duration of the Matches was well received by the International Teams, Tournament Officials, Participating teams and Supporters. And we are very grateful to you for extending the support to us for the same.

Nasser Hussain

General Manager for Rugby India

I sincerely thank Prohealth Asia for the excellent treatment in every respect – professionalism, manner, technical skill and
overall command of the discipline.My experience confirms that the quality of treatment exceeds the quality of space!
I’ll be in touch and come in for ‘refresher’ treatments from time to time.

Pankaj Vir Gupta


A place where magic happens. Awesome treatment with personalized rehab plan as per ones need and target. A team of well trained and super friendly therapists.
Highly Recommended!!
I got my PCL rehab done here.

Niket Jain

IT Professional

I came to Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre with terrible pain in my knee and was unable to squat.
As a result, I wasn’t able to play golf for weeks, Saurabh did a thorough assessment and identified my problem.
He fixed me and that got me back to the golf course.

Digvijay Singh


A professionally run organization with great emphasis on diagnosis, explaining the problem along with amazing care towards rehabilitation. The staff is extremely polite and knowledgeable – and they KNOW their job. What appeals here the most is the calmness, the cleanliness, low noise levels and most of all – personal care and attention by the physiotherapists. Would recommend it highly. Value for value – great place…! And thank you helping me with my back.

Yuvraj Singh Ahuja


Shrikant Uncle, Wow!!!

Vir Marwah

Junior Golfer, Tabla Enthusiast

Having used other sports injury clinics over the years for running related issues, I found Prohealth a cut above the rest. An excellent environment has been established, clean efficient and comfortable.
I would highly recommend Neha Kumar who looked after me and got me back out running quickly.
Great value and money well spent.

Nigel Eastwood

Founder & Group CEO of the New Call Telecom International

Super professional establishment. Spent time identifying the problem in my foot and took just t wo sessions to get it back to normal. Knowledgeable staff, well-trained and importantly: very good communication skills. Great value in my experience, will only go here for all my Physio and rehab needs!

Kartikeya Rao

Managing Director,
PlayOff Marketing Communications

I walked into Prohealth with the weight of the world on my shoulders and upper back and left feeling the weight off (literally)! It wasn’t about selling their therapies but actually taking time to assess my issue and analyzing what brought me there, to working at it, and suggesting simple posture exercises to make it go away. Their attention to detail astounded me. I am truly relieved to have them here!

Madhvi Ahuja


Both the physiotherapists (Manvi Dhyani & Neha Prakasham) are hardworking, sincere and experts in the subject. They are working with the patient since 2 months, making her confident and happy to start walking. we are hopeful that she will become independent in 1-2 months with further care from ProHealth Asia. Before the treatment started with Neha, the patient was very weak in all aspects of muscle power and knee flexion of injured leg.

Saroj Gupta

Testimonial by her Sister

I started training with Charu from week 15 of my pregnancy and the only regret that I have now is that I didn't start training with her earlier. Her classes were phenomenal and kept me in shape throughout the period of my pregnancy. She is a thorough professional with a perfect understanding of the human body and the impact of pregnancy on various muscles and body parts. Each class was customised to the way I was feeling, my energy levels, my aches and pains and my mood for the day and I walked out of every single exercise session feeling thoroughly energetic, positive, and most importantly, free of aches and pains. There may be multiple people conducting workout sessions in Delhi but I very strongly recommend Charu for her competence, nuanced understanding of the human body, training techniques and most of all her positivity! Every exercise class also ended with breathing exercises and meditation and the entire structure of the class left me feeling physically and mentally satisfied. I owe a great deal to Charu to have got me through this highly trying phase of my life with much energy and positivity!

Janani Shekhar

Lawyer & Mother of 3-year-old Maya


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