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Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Programme


Pregnancy changes our bodies in many wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways. Whether you are sailing through your pregnancy and would like some advice on how to continue that way, or if you are experiencing some “pregnancy side-effects”, our pre-natal/pregnancy package is specially designed to suit you no matter which stage of pregnancy you are in.

Working with a fully qualified physiotherapist, you will be given a thorough core strength, stability and functional assessment to check that your body is dealing with, and continues to deal with, the rigors of pregnancy in the very best way possible. Advice on exercising throughout your pregnancy and beyond is also part of the programme plan. Our women’s health care programs are just for you.

Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Programme sessions

As part of the treatment package, a tailor-made exercise programme will be planned for you, as well as advice on exercising throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

  • Lumbar and pelvic stability assessment
  • Core strength assessment
  • Postural assessment
  • Exercise and lifestyle advice during pregnancy
  • Exercise programme for strength and flexibility tailored to the client’s individual needs
  • One-on-One exercise session
  • Exercises and advice to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival
  • Initial pelvic floor and core exercise advice for post birth rehabilitation
  • Further assessment and exercises for lower and upper limb strength, as appropriate


Come to our Physiotherapy clinic in Niti Bagh, Delhi for a chat with one of our expert physiotherapist to plan the right Physiotherapy treatment for you to get rid of pain in no time.