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Physical Activity For Children And Adolescents

Prohealth Asia, Nov 21, 2022,

Why is physical activity important for children? Let's [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Prohealth Asia, Oct 17, 2022,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We'll discuss all the things breast cancer and how physiotherapy can help in [...]

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The Asia Cup 2022 With Hong Kong's Cricket Team

Prohealth Asia, Sep 14, 2022,

Our senior physio Anurag Ghildiyal had the opportunity to work as a Sports Physiotherapist with Hong Kong's Cricket [...]

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The Challenges And Treatments Of Multiple Sclerosis

Prohealth Asia, Aug 15, 2022,

Multiple sclerosis (MS), is an autoimmune disease which is progressive in nature. It is characterised by episodes of [...]

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The Association Between Neck Pain And Stress

Prohealth Asia, Jul 15, 2022,

We’ve all experienced and know how frustrating it is to live under the pressure of balancing your professional and [...]

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An Approach For Safe Rehabilitation For People With Long COVID

Prohealth Asia, Jun 13, 2022,

Most people recover completely within a few weeks from COVID. However, some people, even those who had it in a milder [...]

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Krav Maga- Journey from Defense to Recovery

Prohealth Asia, Apr 21, 2021,

Krav Maga is one of the most popular forms of self defense mechanism being used world over. Though Krav Maga was [...]

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Top 5 tips to avoid muscular stiffness when working from home

Prohealth Asia, Jul 31, 2020,

During lockdown it's been noticed that people of all age groups are using their smartphones or laptops or both a lot [...]

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Is it painful to work from home?

Prohealth Asia, Jul 31, 2020,

Have you noticed that during the lockdown period your back and neck or shoulders hurt even [...]

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