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Pelvic Organ Prolapse & Pelvic Pain

Prolapse literally means to “to fall” and this occurs when the structures designed to keep organs in place weaken or stretch so that one or more pelvic organs, the uterus, bladder, bowel or rectum, start to slip out of place. The pelvic floor muscles may become weakened for many reasons such as multiple pregnancies and childbirth, ageing, heavy lifting, obesity, chronic straining, surgery or injury.

Chronic pelvic pain is another common condition seen in a large number of the population. Once an acute bacterial infection has been ruled out, a musculoskeletal assessment by a pelvic health physiotherapist is recommended to look for signs of muscular tension, nerve irritation, and joint for soft tissue restrictions responsible for the complaint.

Problems women may experience as a result of a prolapse can vary

  • A sense of ‘something coming down’ or a ‘dragging feeling’
  • Seeing or feeling a lump in the vagina
  • Difficulty emptying the bowels


  • Thorough assessment and examination in complete privacy
  • Progressive pelvic floor muscle retraining using pressure bio feedback and muscle stimulation when required
  • Pelvic floor muscle awareness, bladder retraining, posture re-education plus exercised for the abdominals and other ‘core’ muscles.


  • Customised exercise programmes for weakened pelvic floor structures
  • Home exercise programme
  • Re-evaluation and designing of further treatment sessions accordingly

*Number of sessions differ for each individual depending on the severity of the problem


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