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Well-Tailored Screening Programme

Whether you are a professional, amateur or social golfer, the game can be physically and mentally demanding. Like many sports these days, a well-tailored screening and exercise programme can help the body adapt to the rigorous demands at all levels of participation thereby improving performance and preventing injury. Comprehensive physical assessments and golf specific screening will identify weak links in the kinetic chain which can lead to poor technique, loss of distance and injury. 

This programme unifies a holistic approach examining core strength, upper and lower body strength, stability, mobility, muscle length, force production and balance. We prefer to work in tandem with your golf teaching professional so we can reach your golf performance targets together.

Golf Screening Assessment Programme - 2 to 10 sessions

Our Golf screening assessment programme comprise of 5 sessions to ensure the good results.


  • Details of any relevant injury history followed by comprehensive screening of the relevant components of the golf swing.


  • Full screening report. Targets identified around strength and range of movement for an optimal golf swing
  • Golf specific exercise programme prescribed, including self-management tips to use at home and on the course
  • Advice on optimising specific golfing goals
  • Soft tissue, joint mobilisation treatment to obtain optimal range of movement
*If required frequency will be recommended by a physiotherapist on an individual basis.


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