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It is a common notion that physiotherapy treatments and techniques would hurt and cause pain. Physiotherapists are experts in managing and treating Musculoskeletal pain, with a thorough understanding of the Anatomy and Bio- mechanics of the structures, combined with good clinical reasoning. The treatments and techniques performed are pain-free and enables one to lead a pain-free life.

Physiotherapy treatment can be directed towards preventive care- “Pre-Rehabilitation”, and help early identification and management of symptoms, and in the prevention of conditions leading to chronic pain.

The ergonomically designed mattresses and chairs are useful in maintenance of good posture, however, there are multi- factorial reasons for neck and back pain. A thorough evaluation of the symptoms by an expert musculoskeletal physiotherapist is advised, for appropriate management of the symptoms.

Rest is surely advised for any acute presentation of pain/ injury, but not moving the area for too long, may cause more damage than good to the overall symptoms. A through physiotherapy evaluation can provide, a better understanding of symptoms, along with optimal management strategies, to live a healthy life without pain.

Although it is always good to have an expert opinion/ advice by a specialist Doctor, a doctor’s reference is not always required to consult a physiotherapist. You may see a physiotherapist and based upon the thorough examination, seek a specialist opinion by a Doctor if required.

Likewise, it is not required to always have an MRI/ X-ray done, prior to the physiotherapy consultation. The Physiotherapist would advise for any investigations to be done if need be.


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