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Pre & Post Natal Fitness

At Prohealth Asia, we are pleased to offer pre-natal and post-natal fitness classes for women led by experienced fitness instructor Charu Shankar! 

Maybe you're new to exercise and you want to get fitter to make your pregnancy healthier and easier. Or you're already active but you're not sure how to change up your exercise routine to make it safe for you and baby. AT Prohealth Asia, we are here to assist you!


Pre-Natal Exercise Classes

This popular class is conducted by Charu Shankar, and it combines ACOG approved strengthening, stretching, core & cardio execises, customised and modified as per your pregnancy. Each class ends with breatthing and mindful meditation, as we believe that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be contitioned together, to help participants regain control of their body and mind.


Post-Natal Exercise Classes

Conducted by Charu Shankar, in this one hour class, learn how to build the foundation to get that pre-pregnancy body back. The focus of the class is pelvic floor engagement, posture alignment, core engagement, strengthening and cardio, along with breathing and meditation.


Meet Your Instructor

Charu Shankar is an actor, with a passion for maternal wellness, and a certification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise.

Together with the team of experienced physiotherapists at Prohealth Asia, she brings to you her very popular Prenatal Classes, which combines ACOG approved strengthening, stretching, core and cardio exercises, customised and modified as per your pregnancy. This is a program which is not only safe for you and your baby, but is guaranteed to benefit you both!

Charu is ACE certified, has hosted TV fitness shows for NDTV, was a global instructor with Reebok and Cirque du Soleil, and was formerly heading the Prenatal Wellness department at Rosewalk Hospital. She now divides her time between Mumbai and Delhi, juggling her career in Bollywood with her energetic 8 year old son back home.


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