Abhilasha Saharan is well known clinical and sports psychologist in India. She qualified in 2013, completing her Bachelor degree from Mody University, Rajasthan followed by a M.A. in Applied Psychology from the University of Delhi. She is also proficient in Mandarin Chinese.

She has worked with the Indian Women Hockey Team where she was responsible for using psychological techniques to help players cope with the difficulties of being injured or in the rehabilitation phase, to be motivated and perform in pressure situations in competition, and maintain the balance of their performance and emotional well-being. Since June 2017 she has joined the India National Junior Shooting Team.

Abhilasha practices the skill of a Master Hypnotist using various relaxation techniques and uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for chronic pain management and other psychological tools like neuro-tracker and biofeedback. She can perform both individual and group counselling, provide tele-counselling to clients and athletes, and lecture on psychology to different groups.

She is a Life-time Member of the Sports Psychology Association of India and her area of expertise is sports psychology and helping people improve the quality of life.



Clinical | Sports Psychologist at Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre

Clinical Psychology

The broad concept of psychology is to understand human behaviour with the aim of removing all obstacles and bringing the best out of human potential and capabilities.
Clinical Psychology not only aims for the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of the bigger issue of mental health related to behaviour and mood, but addresses prevention and management of the root cause of the issue known as 'stress'. It also deals with the management of pain and stress due to an injury and the long, difficult process of rehabilitation by providing support for the physical treatment.

Clinical Psychology

The Sports Psychologist works with an athlete to identify the reasons contributing to under performance, or not giving the best of one's ability despite being physically capable of competing well. They also help improve performance with mental and motivational exercises working with both groups or individuals.
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