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Pelvic Floor Health

Don’t Suffer in the silence!

Do you leak when you laugh, cough or during other daily activities? This is a common but abnormal complaint experienced by many people of all ages and both sexes. Bladder control problems can be embarrassing, but understanding the cause of inconsistence can improve your chances of getting it under control. Don’t suffer in silence when the first step to solving the problem is seeking professional help whether related to pregnancy, a surgical procedure or just a side effect of ageing. People experiencing faecal incontinence can also benefit from this treatment programme.

Our pelvic floor therapist carries out a thorough assessment of your pelvic floor function and evaluates the condition and strength of the pelvic muscles. Through specialized testing using pressure-biofeedback machine you will improve awareness of your pelvic floor muscles and retrain their strength in the correct way thus experiencing an improvement in symptoms.

Incontinence Packages - 2 Sessions

With the incontinence packages, Prohealth Asia help you lead a leak free life


  • Pelvic floor assessment
  • Core muscle assessment
  • Education regarding a bladder diary
  • Ergonomics and life-style modifications


  • Customized exercise prescription for strength and endurance training of the pelvic floor
  • Follow up on bladder diary to evaluate the type of incontinence
  • Further programme planning for pelvic floor rehabilitation

*Number of sessions differ for each individual depending on the severity of the problem


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