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Get fit with physio

Learn to do exercising rightly under guidance of Physio

Understanding your body and its requirements is inevitable to take its' best care. An expert physiotherapist helps you to identify the pain areas, understand your need and you with adequate care.

We all have different types of bodies and varied lifestyles, habits and diet that differ body types from one to another.

There can be no standard treatment that can be applied to every patient, therefore personalization is utmost important while providing physiotherapy. Get Fit with Physio programme is an idea that proclaims the need of guidance of physiotherapist in doing exercises and requirement of other type of counselling such as for clinical psychology and nutrition intake.

How Physio Guides?

Physiotherapists with their respective expertise treat a patient with first identifying cause of the pain and the affected injury areas, stressed areas in the body and accordingly they tailor a program that suits the body and helps in the healing.

There are different techniques that a physiotherapist use, which includes dry needling, taping, soft tissue release, exercise prescription, acupressure, manual therapy and more.

When exercises are prescribed, the role of physiotherapist extends to guide the person about correct postures, using the relevant muscle areas based on your weakness.

How therapy programme is tailored?

Following are the key factors that a physio considers before tailoring a physical therapy programme:

  • Identifying the pain area: During the assessment, physio identifies the pain area and find out its cause to heal.
  • Identifying Muscle Tension: Areas in the muscles which are tensed or stressed are identified by the expert.
  • Reduced Movement: If a movement is reduced in particular body part, it also causes pain and stiffness, for example people who are in long hours sitting job often experience the pain in their spine. They are recommended to take a few measures to avoid the same.
  • Reduced Circulation: When a person doesn't make required movement, it causes reduced blood circulation which also causes pain and tension in muscles.
Benefit of GetFitwith Physio

While addressing the pain and injuries of a patient, physiotherapist helps them to recover easily with their guidance. It helps in improving functionality, strengths, improves mobility, and boosting energy, which heals the body.

  • Posture Assessment: Assessment of postures is conducted to analyse muscular balance, alignment and correct motion of the body. Once the physio will identify the faults, they will guide in maintaining good posture that will help in restoring balance, flexibility and strength of the body.
  • Stress Management: Get Fit with Physio programme helps the person to not only attain physical fitness but also achieve mental fitness. Therapist and psychologists guide the patient to manage their stress with breathing exercises and through understanding their problems that reduces their mental pressure.
  • Nutrition Counselling: In alignment with physical assessment and stress management, other factor that allows the person to get back his life on healthy track is adequate addition of nutrients in the diet.
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