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Pro-Women at Prohealth: Your physiotherapy partner for life

How women need physiotherapy at different stages of life?

Pain with ageing is common and especially in women who are more prone to bone weakness and as muscles drain out. As we grow, our body gets more exhausted and often we end up in neglecting our health. It is observed that people only approach the health consultant/physician when their problem reaches an extreme stage. On the contrary, we should not take our health for granted as it keeps getting worse when we don't take care.

Considering women's health, there are different stages to it; a woman goes through the journey of being a child, adolescent, reproductive stage (full physical maturity), menopausal or post-reproductive stage, post-menopausal stage. During the transit of a woman through these stages, she faces different biological changes that weakens her health especially bones and muscles.
At Prohealth Asia, the approach is individual specific and the physiotherapists understand the biological differences between men and women and the need to treat both differently catering to their unique needs. To be specific about women, physiotherapy treatment is provided that help a woman throughout the stages of her life.

  • Adolescence: When a teenage girl steps into the stage of adolescence, she goes through muscle cramps during the menstrual period. Often, this pain is difficult to bear and physiotherapy in such stage proves to be effective to treat muscle cramps.
  • Reproductive: With onset of reproductive stage, when a woman conceives a baby in her womb it brings extensive changes in her body. Often during the pregnancy stage, her spine is strained, pain in limb muscles and weakness in bone is also common. The changes during pregnancy not only effect the general muscle health but also the health of the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor muscle weakens which leads to urinary incontinence which can be addressed with physiotherapy evaluation and treatment.

A physiotherapist understands the body type of a woman and treats her with tailored exercises and manual physical therapy that helps in relaxing her muscles.

  • Menopausal: The stage of menopause is when a woman starts facing inconsistency in her menstruation cycle and that further goes to final termination of the process. However, this period comes with many difficulties such as hot flashes, mood swings, and alteration in weight that further adds to weakness, imbalance of blood pressure and muscles pain. The augmented weakness and pain can be cured with help of personalized physiotherapy that helps in maintaining balance of blood pressure, tackling the muscle pain and bone weakness.
  • Post-Menopause: The final stage of a woman's life comes at post-menopause when the menstrual cycle has completely ceased post menopause period. A woman is generally at the age of 50 or above during this period and bones wear down owing to age and body exhaustion. Physiotherapy proves to be very effective in treating women in their old age or post-menopause stage, especially helping them with their musculoskeletal diseases which are common in this age.

Physiotherapy becomes the partner for life for a woman who transits through these stages and gives reliable and trusted solution to her health concerns.

Author by Saurabh Mathur & Amrinder Kaur, Sep 13, 2018, Women’s Health


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