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Prohealth Women

This is the rehabilitation of the spine after injury or surgery and is often a slow and steady, monitored progress that works towards restoring spinal health. Think of your spine like the tires of a car. Throughout your life, the spine is compressed, under stressed or worn down, and just like a car, it can really benefit from being checked out and given the right proper care. Whether it's related to a disease or mechanical problem, spinal rehabilitation helps to align your spine and control any prevailing back pain by maintaining physical therapy and exercise regimens targeted to strengthen the spine. The three key phases are: pain control, manual therapy and exercise prescription.

Spinal Manipulation
Manual Therapy

Prohealth Seniors

With the right combination of exercise and a healthy lifestyle most of us should be able to live active, independent lives well into our mature years. We have developed the Prohealth Senior program to help older people achieve greater physical independence, confidence and vitality.

Our Prohealth Senior program can help in treating several medical conditions as well as improving general well-being.

Who can benefit?

Nearly everyone can benefit as each program is created to an individual’s personal requirements. The program can also help patients with any of the following conditions:

  • Post joint replacement e.g. hip, knee
  • Orthopaedic issues
  • Sports’ injuries
  • Post stroke paralysis/re-education
  • Lack of balance, fall-related issues
  • Neurological disorders resulting from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Ankle and foot problems (podiatry)
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Weight management
  • General mobility and fitness

How Prohealth Senior Will help you?

  • the clinical team will first evaluate a patient’s condition, then develop a specialized treatment and therapy program. Throughout each program our patients are cared for, trained and supported by fully qualified physio and sports therapists who have a complete overview of the patient’s medical condition(s). The physiotherapist will work in conjunction with our doctors, consulting regularly on all cases. So, patients can be assured that all aspects are being considered and a condition is not being treated in isolation.
  • The treatment program may include any of the following elements –
    • Neurological rehabilitation
    • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
    • QUA NUTRITION to help manage weight and diabetes
    • General body conditioning and stamina building
  • After diagnosing your musculoskeletal issues and addressing any pain you may be experiencing, we then focus on building up your strength and endurance as a long-term foundation for preventing any future injuries or issues. Typically, it takes 3 months to properly re-educate the mind and body to give you a healthy sense of physical and mental well-being. Your problems did not occur overnight and neither will they disappear overnight! We will work with you as a team to develop and maintain your strength and energy to cope with the physical demands of daily life.

Prohealth Kids

The Prohealth Children Program has been designed to help your children be physically and mentally alert, play more sports, avoid injuries, manage their weight and grow healthy. A fun approach to health and fitness in children lays a strong foundation for their future.

Who can benefit?

Every child can benefit from the program as we aim to enhance overall strength and health. Many children are too sedentary and this can lead to general weakness, bad posture or lack of coordination. Therefore, to grow healthily, this needs to be balanced by proper activities, which form the basis of our Program.

If a child has a condition that needs particular attention, due to a birth defect or any other condition, then our program can focus on this to help with their rehabilitation.

Health Symptoms and Conditions

Sports-related injuries


Our Solution

At Prohealth, we provide a holistic approach towards a child’s injury, deformity or disability. We focus on restoring the functionality and strength of the injured or damaged part of the body, but we also treat other areas which may have been affected. We follow an evidence-based practice that ensures a quick and smooth recovery for the patient.

Main features of the Programme

The Programme begins with a comprehensive Age-specific Health Assessment (for age 1 year and above). It includes Progressive Exercise Regimen including Home Recommendations, Sports injuries prevention training, Play Therapies, etc. The Programme may be customized as per assessments and may include individual therapy sessions, Kids Group classes,lifestyle adaptation suggestions and foot care.


We also provide Programs for Schools, customized as per the treatment / prevention / health goals.

Our training program is a fun, interactive mix of education and body awareness training that includes yoga, meditation and circuit training, aimed at teaching your child the importance of:


1.Strong body/posture control, balance and coordination
2.Understanding the body’s energy system
3.Healthy nutrition, eating habits to be smart and strong
4. Building team skills, having fun and being healthy

Our goals

1. Optimize posture and reduce posture anomalies
2. Performance enhancement for sports and daily life
3. Enable children to learn the mental and physical benefits of regular exercise
4. Employ effective sports training principles
5. Prevent sports injuries and groom children to become better sports performers
6. Help children to learn about balanced nutrition, appropriate to their age and how to develop and maintain good eating habits

Sports injuries

Sports offer many benefits, but they are also a leading cause of injuries amongst children. The phrase “Prevention is better than cure” applies not just to adults but also to children. Our Prohealth Children Program focuses on injury prevention and offers a holistic solution to children’s physical problems if they have been injured.

Paediatric Rehabilitation Techniques

Prohealth team of expert physiotherapists and occupational therapists use the most up-to-date treatments under the guidance of Medical Doctors. As part of our early Intervention strategy, we may use a combination of below techniques as part of our Kids Therapy Programme:

Balance Therapy 

Relaxation techniques 

Perceptual motor intervention 
Vestibular stimulation 
Personal, social and adaptive skills 


Spinal Manipulation


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