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Why do children slouch?

Changes are constant and growth is integral to human life. Since birth to the old age, a person goes through several bodily changes. Considering childhood, there are different physical and mental health transitions that a child body's goes through.

As they moved to higher grades at school, the time spent in sitting posture increases. This can affect their physical health; therefore, keeping a check on their posture is inevitable.

What causes slouching in children?

Sometimes, in spite of constant reminders, we encounter the kid slouching, and assume that he is being lazy and careless. However, many times, slouching results from the factors which are not in child's control.

  • Insufficient Sleep: If a child is constantly keeping his head on the desk while writing, then probably he is not getting sufficient sleep. In this case, the child needs to go to bed earlier.
  • Low SelfEsteem: If a child is repeatedly found drooping, it can be an early sign of depressionor low self-esteem. The earlier we recognize this, the better it is for the child's mental health.
  • Poor Vision: Poor Vision can also force the child to bend his head down extreme to get closer to the notebook. This constant drooping leads to poor posture and neck issues.
  • Headache: If a child also complains of a headache then it's the time for him to visit an ophthalmologist.
  • Weak back muscles: It is one of the most common causes of bad sitting posture. Lack of physical activity can result in weak back or core muscles. This does not allow the kid to sit straight against the pull of gravity for a very long time. In addition, gradually gravity wins. In addition to this, carrying heavy backpacks leads to the further problem.
  • Scoliosis: In this medical condition, spinal column is pulled to any of the sides. According to the research, about 38% of the scoliosis results from genetic factors and about 62% is due to environment.

It is advised to parents to keep constantly observe their children and ensure if they are not meeting such challenges that can extend to bigger issues at the later stage. Visiting physiotherapist who provides treatment understanding the child posture, his lifestyle and habits, and mental health is advised.

Author by N/A, Sep 6, 2018, Kids Health


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