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Physiotherapy and breast cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the common type of cancers diagnosed in all over the world. It is common to both men and women; however, it is more frequently observed in women. However, the number of successful treatments has also increased in past few years.

There is a CAN in CANCER because you CAN beat it. More women than ever are surviving breast cancer with early detection of signs and timely treatment. Patient requires physiotherapy treatment to recover from problems that are caused during surgical operation. The treatment involves safe and effective method to recover patient from the scars of operation.

Rehabilitation is provided with exercise that builds inner strength of the survivor integrated with understanding emotionally and analyzing mental health.

How Physiotherapy is helpful to breast cancer patient?

  • Enhanced Range of Motion: The treatment helps in maximizing the range of the motion of shoulder. Frozen shoulder is commonly seen in patients post-surgery and the problem is healed with required physical exercise and therapy.
  • Reduce Pain: Physiotherapy helps in reducing the pain a patient suffers through the stages of surgical operation. It gives relief from within and ability to overcome the difficult phase.
  • Reduced Swelling: Swelling (Lymphedema) is reduced with physical therapy and helps the survivor to recover.
  • Recovering with Strength: The therapy helps the patient in enhancing the strength to recover from the stages of surgical treatment.

Emotional and Mental Rehabilitation

In accord with physiotherapy, professionals also ensure emotional and mental rehabilitation of the survivor. They ensure that they personally take care, talk to them and understand the emotional pain that they go through. Therapists help the patient to regain strength and energy, achieve improved quality of life, empower them with confidence to regain their sense of self and are given postural retraining to maintain fitness.

Author by Diwangana Chawla, Sep 3, 2018, Women’s Health


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