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Orthotics and Foot Assessment Programme

The foot is designed such that it is rigid enough to propel us while we walk yet flexible enough keep us from injury when we walk on irregular surfaces. The foot provides control for the body. Any issues with the foot may contribute to stress and strain on other joints in the body, most notably- knees and backs. Custom foot orthotics support keep both your feet as well as the whole kinetic chain biomechanically aligned.

Foot orthotics or arch supports or shoe inserts, are helpful to ease foot pain. The general use of a foot orthotic is to give your feet that extra support which the ligaments and tendons already provide for. For example, those with painful flat feet can benefit from an arch support to help them take the strain off the tendons and ligaments to hold up the arch.

Foot orthotics at Prohealth Asia provide personalised support to correct or prevent foot pain precisely where its needed.


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