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Is it painful to work from home?

Have you noticed that during the lockdown period your back and neck or shoulders hurt even more? Do you also feel that you are sitting a lot more than usual? Are you also getting up with a stiff neck and back these days? If yes, then probably you need to change a few things and fortunately we are here to help you.

Here are popular causes behind the pain you experience.

Poor Posture can be one of the factors along with lack of exercise or activity, altered sleep-wake cycle, poor hydration and mental or emotional stress too can play a role.

It is very important to understand the cause for your aches and pains because then only we can help to alleviate it. Sometimes only few lifestyle modifications and by being active you can reduce the unwanted stress over the joints.

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Author by Manvi Dhyani, Jul 31, 2020,


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