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Hey Women! Cease the stress of your busy lives with Pilates

Our day to day lives are so busy that in spite of knowing how it's impacting our health, we are unable to fight it. This is true especially for women who keeps juggling between work, family, children and social life. I am trying to address all these women who are always on the go, stressing around doing things for everyone but they sideline their own health. While filling up their calendars, they often forget to list their ‘me time’. Research says most women prioritize work over exercises because of time crunch. But the fact is exercises does not reduce your working hours rather makes you more efficient.

So, find out an exercise plan which interests you and work it out into your schedule. Here at the ProHealth Asia Physiotherapy centre in Delhi, we highly recommend the Pilates sessions with our Qualified Physiotherapists. Whether you are struggling with stressful days leading to lingering back or neck pain or you dreaming to get a lean and strong body, Pilates help you achieve all your goals. In fact, Pilates session offer more than just physical fitness. This is because Pilates principles work on breathing, precision, concentration, and flow of movements, which does not only help you get fit but also help steam off all your stress. Let's find out below how this helps.

Improves cardiovascular health: Excessive workload leads to Stress and anxiety which in turn increases blood pressure and heart rate. In Pilates each movement is combined with a deep breath which lowers the blood pressure, slows down the heart rate and improves cardiovascular health.

Relaxes muscles: Pilates involves a fluid transition of one movement to another. A controlled contraction followed by a gentle elongation leads to both muscle flexibility and strength. It helps in releasing tight muscles which do not respond to static stretching and provide lasting relaxation.  

Calmness comes as a by-product: In the Pilates session you need to be present and follow the commands of your instructor which if done with concentration and precision leads to effortless and graceful movements. Every move takes you away from the daily worries and that's not it, the controlled deep breaths helps you achieve a deep sense of calmness. 

Enhances body awareness: Pilates focuses on your core stabilizers, keeping the mobilizers at work. This combination leads to purity of movements. Once you master these movements, it helps you attain a heightened awareness of your body.

By developing proper technique and constant rhythmic flow of breath, pilates helps your body get in tune with your mind. So, turn off all the thinking and get ready to start the conversation with your body. It's time to listen to your breath and calm your mind. With all these above elements working for you, let’s have the best exercise experience.

Author by Ritika Chawla , Feb 27, 2019,


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