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Healing from within with personalised physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the physical treatment provided for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from debilitating conditions. It includes a wide array of treatment for knee, foot, ankle, spine, sports injuries and rehabilitation for the patients with breast cancer, ACL injury, cardio-pulmonary operations and other surgical operations. In addition, the physiotherapy treatment is very effective for women who are in pre or post natal phase.

Physiotherapist work in the following subspecialties pediatric, sports, women, neurological, geriatric, oncology, cardiorespiratory, corporate, functional dermatology, musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatments.

What is Personalised Physiotherapy?

We all are one of our own kinds and the theory is applicable extensively to in and out of human beings in terms of behavior patterns and biological variations. Our body type, medical condition, genes and other factors comprise to form the uniqueness of our body.

Physiotherapy treatment, when given to a patient, varies with one person to another to make it personalized or say to provide treatment that is exactly required by the body.

How Physiotherapy Treatment is personalized?

Goal of Treatment

Every exercise or an action is oriented towards an objective; so is the physiotherapy treatment. Varying from person to person requirement, say for instance, if person after a knee injury has to do only day to day activity like walking and climbing stairs then the programme would differ from an athlete who has to run after a knee injury. The latter would require advance physiotherapy treatment than the former whose sessions of treatment would be lesser.

Understanding Body Type

The body type projects another important factor to make treatment personalized. It comprises of analyzing metabolism, genes test, understanding medical disorders, considering person’s lifestyle, and eating habits.

Integrating Clinical Psychology Treatment

Clinical Psychology is utmost important to make the physiotherapy treatment personalized for the patient. It is broader than the concept of analyzing mental health, but it reaches the root cause, which is mainly the stress. Under clinical psychology treatment, expert psychologists of different streams such as sports psychologists, child psychologists and other specialists, give required counseling understanding the problem of patient. 

Holistic Healing with Customized Physiotherapy

Integrating clinical psychology, analysis of body type, gene test, metabolism level with physiotherapy treatment ensures holistic healing of the patient. In addition, personal touch of understanding problems of the patient adds to overall healing.

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