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Having a bad back day?

Understand the Cause and Signs

Lower back pain is the most common lifestyle disorder these days. In fact, it seems as a continuous trend which has almost inflicted the majority of urban population especially people in the corporate sector who do desk job for hours.

In my regular practice as a physiotherapist, I observe many people who complaint about chronic or long standing back issues and acute or sudden back tweaks/spasms. And, the number of people suffering from this problem is huge. The impact of bad back is evident while doing regular activities like picking thinks like a grocery bag from lower shelf. You can have bad back days in doing your usual, while getting up from the couch, turning around to pick up that magazine lying on your desk, while getting out of the car and other such activities.

What causes affected back?

The problem of bad back occurs due to common and poor postures we put our body through on a daily basis such as sitting, couch lounging, driving, which contribute to lower back pain. These conditions are commonly debilitating, often robbing us of our physicality, normal daily activities and quality of life.

Get Diagnosed by Expert

An expert evaluation is inevitable to help you in diagnosing the correct cause of your pain. Physiotherapist will guide you in understanding the root cause or the factors, which are contributing to LBP through a detailed assessment. Apart from the medical reasons, there could be other reasons such as overactive/overworked muscles because of poor movement, weak lower back muscles, poor gluteal(buttock) function, nerve irritation giving symptoms down the thigh or leg, reduced hip mobility, tight muscles around lower back and hip which can result in recurring episodes of pain.

Keep Check on Early Signs of Bad Back

Our body always signals the problem it is facing through and we need to interpret them rightly to diagnose it on time and get the required treatment. Here are few signs that you observe in your day-to-day life that indicates bad back:

  • Recurrence of pain over lower back region
  • Stress induced lower back pain
  • Pain travelling down to thigh or leg
  • Numbness over leg or foot area.
  • Poor diet and sleep patterns.
  • Morning pain and stiffness
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