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Benefits of functional rehab at home


Physiotherapy is a treatment to reestablish, keep up, and make most use of a patient's mobility, capacity of functionality, and stepping towards a healthy life. At ProHealth Asia, we help you through your physical restoration, injury prevention, wellbeing and wellness for a fitter health. A physio gets you engaged with your own recuperation.

The home physiotherapy program by ProHealth Asia, is aimed at improving generally physical prosperity, upgrading social working and guarantees routine observation of confined patients. Over 75% of individuals requiring home care are seniors who need help with overseeing physical and psychological constraints. Physiotherapy given in the home surroundings lowers the mortality rates related to episodes of risk of falls and the hazards in more seasoned grown-ups. Also diminishes number of hospitalizations, and length of admission stay in hospitals.


It provides evaluation assessment and treatment in their homes and network communities especially helpful for conditions like, stroke, cardiovascular breakdown, Chest Physiotherapy, Parkinson's ailment, and recuperation from hip-replacement medical procedure, knee replacement medical procedures, pre and post operation cases, ACL injuries, rotator cuff injuries, general fitness, pelvic floor exercise programs, Mat Pilates and much more.


  • Home-based rehabilitation programs will provide regular visits by the physiotherapist which helps in a steady observation and follow-up ensuring the progression of healthcare and improvement in the condition of the patient.
  • Patient satisfaction is high priority for both home-based physiotherapy and in center team.
  • Home-based physiotherapy empowers patients to live healthier and more securely.


  • COST EFFECTIVENESS - The Home-based functional programs are profoundly practical, it lessens your clinic travel and long holding up period in hospitals and best to keep you fit all in your very own home. It is simpler Hassel free and encouraging.
  • ONE ON ONE PHYSIOTHERAPIST SESSION - The sessions involve individual directed supervised training in which the physio monitors the patient's issues individually. Likewise, it encourages the care givers to watch and pursue the treatment protocol for the patient at home.
  • HOMELY COMFORT - The environment at home is viewed as progressively agreeable for a patient as compared with the environment of the center/hospital. Presence of relatives during the treatment procedure encourages to motivate the patient and adds to the speedy recovery of the patient.
  • A COMPLETE CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT PROTOCOL - The treatment protocol is designed on a personalized basis and not by a summed-up general treatment protocol by the physiotherapist. A complete thourough assessment is done with a complete investigation of muscle strength and related imbalances in the body we structure the treatment protocol for home, which the physiotherapist at home helps the patient to understand and perform in their normal sessions.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT - If you are working individual and need more time to visit our center then opting for our homecare services is a lot simpler and supportive for you. This spares your time and vitality and keeps you in track with your rehabilitation program. Particularly for working moms a useful homecare program is considerably more efficient.
  • ADHERING TO THE TREATMENT INCREMENTS - As the patient is comfortable at their home and time is managed according to their preference, adhering to the treatment is vastly improved and possible. Indeed, even on holidays or on weekends our physiotherapists are accessible at home to provide you with our full services.

Recent research discoveries support that there is a positive effect of homebased physiotherapy rehabilitation program in improvement in the muscle strength, balance and coordination and walking in patients with neurological conditions who perform functional rehabilitation program at home.

We at ProHealth Asia and rehabilitation center provide the experts for the home care management with personalized designed rehabilitation programs consisting of:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Maitland’s Joint Mobilization Techniques
  • Kinesio Taping for sports injuries
  • Strength training
  • Mat Pilates
  • Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Programs
  • Fitness Programs
  • Corporate Programs
  • Posture management
  • Sports specific programs
  • Balance and coordination Rehabilitation
  • Chest Physiotherapy
  • Functional Programs based for Neurological illness and More

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Author by Neha Prakasham, Jan 8, 2020,


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