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10 ways to improve your sitting posture

sitting-postureNote the signs and symptoms of pain with respect to your sitting posture, the continuous number of hours sitting, and identify the type of furniture which may induce pain. Also note, the kind of furniture that helps relax the spine.

This”self analysis” helps in the identification of aggravating factors and positions. These are crucial in order to prevent the development of chronic pain.

Having a thorough understanding of body awarenes saids in identification of the appropriate relaxed position of sitting, and can vary between individuals. This can be achieved by practicing mental imagery, engaging in yoga/Pilates or even seeking an expert opinion of a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. The physiotherapist can assist in prescribing effective positions based upon the thorough assessment and examination.

It is extremely difficult for the human body to maintain one particular position for a prolonged period of time. As muscle fatigue sets in it is a natural phenomenon for the body to sag into poor posture. To counteract this phenomenon, it is strongly recommended to get up and move around and take frequent breaks during the day to stretch and move your limbs.

Use ergonomic friendly furniture and props which are recommended based upon the anthropometric measurement of each individual.

Also continue to maintain correct mechanics of the body while in motion. The improved motor control pattern translates into achieving an optimal static posture while sitting.


Engaging in physical exercises helps to maintain good strength and stability of the muscles, which translates into improved sitting postures.

Avoid restricting body postures due to the fear of pain. It is important for muscles to be relaxed and any clenching or tightening of the muscles, or adopting of stiff posture results, in the reduced muscle function.

The human body is structurally designed to move therefore avoidance of movement due to fear of pain provocation is detrimental and adds to the discomfort and pain, thus creating a vicious cycle.

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