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Tech Neck Workshop

Do you suffer from frequent neck pains? Muscle spasms in your neck, shoulder and mid back?

Then you need to attend the ProHealth Asia Tech Neck workshop.

During this activity, our expert physiotherapist Mr. Ankush Sekhri will walk you through the relationship between ergonomics and pain. We will analyse your posture and suggest lifestyle improvements for it.

Why should you attend?:

  • To understand the root cause of your neck and/or shoulder problems.
  • To understand the relationship between ergonomics and pain.
  • To gain education about ideal ergonomics.
  • To understand and implement specific plans for managing their concerned issue (could be pain or stiffness or spasm).

What problems will we address?:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Frequent muscle spasms in neck and mid back
  • Stiffness in neck
  • Headaches

When and where is it?

22 February 2020

ProHealth Asia Physiotherapy Centre, Defence Colony


Come to our Physiotherapy clinic in Defence Colony, Delhi for a chat with one of our expert physiotherapist to plan the right Physiotherapy treatment for you to get rid of pain in no time.