Rasna Bhasin, Digital Consultant and Digital Editor for Harper’s Bazar Bride, India

I’m mighty happy that I finally pushed myself to go and take the first step. Though, I’ve always considered myself to be fit, over the last few months have been pondering over the thought of physical fitness, and bringing in some sort of exercise or sports regime into my routine.
What’s great about Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre is the fact that they not only look at muscle or body building but overall at physical and mental health. With leading experts in terms of sport physiotherapists, clinical and sport psychologists, genetical nutritionists and more, it’s about wholesome good living, where they do not push you but rather guide you to achieve your goals whether short or long term. A big thanks to Nupur Nath for introducing me to Prohealth Asia and to Neha for guiding me in terms of what I need to do to better myself.

Rasna Bhasin,
Digital Consultant & Digital Editor for Harper’s Bazar Bride,

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