Head Physiotherapist

About Me

I graduated from Subharti Physiotherapy College in 2004 and completed my clinical internship at St. Stephens Hospital. My first job was at Sir Gangaram Hospital which offered me an extensive experience in the various sub specialties including pre and post-surgical rehab, Spine Surgery, Orthopedics and trauma, Sports Medicine and Neuro rehabilitation. I have also done a Fellowship in Sport Sciences which enabled me to understand sporting injuries more comprehensively.
In 2008, I completed my MSc. in Applied Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. Following my post-graduation, I Have been extensively working in sports medicine and spine surgery at Sir Gangaram Hospital. In my 15 years of clinical experience I have been fortunate to work with leading surgeons in Delhi and worked extensively in treating Neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, sport injuries and spine rehabilitation.

Interest Areas

I simply love travelling, exploring new places and trying exotic cuisines. It excites me to meet new people and interact with different cultures.

Life changing experience

Studying at Sheffield Hallam University was a turning point in my life as it helped me in a big way to evolve as a better and more confident physio. My postgraduate studies provided the basis for evidence based practice and to develop clinical reasoning skills and really think out of the box to achieve patient-oriented goals.
As a member of ProHealth Asia India, I am embarking towards new beginnings and looking forward to the new role expanding my scope of practice.

Areas of expertise

I enjoy treating neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and sporting injuries and have a special interest in the treatment and rehab of the shoulder, knee, ankle problems such as rotator cuff injuries, ACL injuries and ankles sprains. Spinal issues, particularly neck and back pains are very common and I find these conditions quite interesting to treat.
I am also keen to look into uncontrolled movements which can be the result of muscle imbalances or poor joint biomechanics. Once identified, I can treat them using various hands-on treatments such as manual joint mobilisations, soft tissue release, exercise based treatments to restore body mechanics.

Most Fulfilling Part of Job

The “Human Body” is a miracle machine and how it manifests and responds to injury or treatments in each individual provides us with new learning experiences. I enjoy working with my patients to empower them using evidence based clinical practice, helping someone who has an injury or functional disability to improve their quality of life. It feels like a sense of achievement if I can put a smile on someone’s face.
I also like working as part of a team – sharing, learning and gaining new experiences from colleagues.

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