Running Assessment Programme

Believe or not, humans are designed to run. This treatment includes an in-depth analysis is conducted to develop a customised programme that addresses any bio-mechanical issues, maintain good performance and remain injury-free whether it’s your goal to run your first marathon, or stay active as a recreational runner. Advice will be given on common injuries, best treatment approaches, footwear recommendations, and a running specific exercise prescription plan based on your strength, flexibility, alignment and movement capacity.


At Prohealth Asia Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre we believe that in order to run pain free a good running style and correct musclebalance are key factors. Believe it or not, humans are born and designed to run.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate or seasoned runner our outdoor and sports enthusiast physiotherapists will closely guide you by providing an in-depth analysis to ascertain your injuries and faults, & develop a customised programme to make you fit, injury free and strong.

This programme will assist you in planning your first run, a half-marathon or a full marathon by advising you on how to perform well and stay injury free.

Comprehensive discussions on your current injuries or advice on common running injuries. Best treatment approaches, footwear recommendations and a customised running specific exercise prescription plan that’s tailored to your strength, flexibility, alignment and movement capacity.

Running Assessment Treatment Frequency: consists of 6 to 12 sessions

This can vary depending on whether or not you have any pre-existing injuries, and the ensure you your home exercise prescription programme.


  • A one to one session with our expert physiotherapist who will perform a detailed physical assessment of your mobility, strength and flexibility.
  • Functional screening of running/ non-running muscle imbalances, mechanical faults, tissue stressand movement pattern.
  • Discussion on your training program with footwear analysis to assess wear pattern
  • Gait Analysis using treadmill and computer software to address your running style
  • Goal setting and advice ontreatment plan
  • Discussion of assessment results and a treatment plan will be devised
* The initial assessment may need to be completed over 2 sessions; treatment frequency will be recommended on an individual basis.


  • Individualised exercise prescription to work on your running faults through strength and conditioning, and mobility programmes
  • Working on the right things at the rightstage in order to stay injury free and avoid overtraining using exercise andmanual therapy
  • Review of your goals and progressionof the training
  • Enhancement of performance by transferring training to racing


  • Training your mind using our expert Sports Psychologist.
  • Sports massage/deep tissue release to relieve tight and sore muscles.
  • Sports Nutrition for optimal performance by our renowned experts.


Come in for a chat with one of our physiotherapist to plan the right treatment for you.