Need of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a dynamic field of healing patients from different health problems that encompasses weaknesses of bones, muscles and helps in attaining union of mental and physical fitness. It is utmost important for patients who have undergone surgery or different type of operation that weakens their body. Physical therapy is a phenomenal process of post-surgery rehabilitation with its muscle training, bone strengthening, maintains body balance and helps patient to perform day-to-day activities normally.

What kind of surgical operations require Physiotherapy?

There is wide array of surgical operations that are covered under rehabilitation through physiotherapy. Some of the surgeries or operations include:

  • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation: Breast cancer patient undergoes different treatments and surgical operations that later weakens the body. Besides, starting physiotherapy parallel to the surgical treatment and continuing it after operation can help patient to maintain the right body posture, limb strength and attaining speedy recovery.
  • Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass surgery, valve surgery, asthma or mid COPD, thoracic surgery can get cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation programme. This allows patients to get physiotherapy treatment that include muscle-strengthening activities, which improves heart rate and lung function.
  • Spine Rehabilitation: Operations such as disectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy, spinal stabilisation requires patient to get appropriate physiotherapy to be recovered soon and attain balance of body with optimal stabilization.
  • Hip Replacement Rehabilitation:  Physiotherapy provides rehabilitation from after-effects of operations like hip replacements or resurfacing, hip labral repairs, hip arthroscope, fracture, helping patient to restore the balance and strengthens limb.

How Physiotherapy helps?

Physiotherapy is a conventional practice of healing body through manual therapy and it proves to be a effective healing process for patients who have undergone different surgical treatments. It helps the body in different way, which encompasses:

  • Maintains Stability: The physical therapy helps in establishing body stability, which often gets shake during accidents, fractures, and during the surgical operation.
  • Restore Strength: It helps in regaining strength that encourages speedy recovery of the body and give sufficient energy to perform day-to-day activities.
  • Encourages Healing Process: It increases the recovery process and heals patient from within without being stricken to bed for long.
  • Restore Mobility: The mobility of body gets imbalanced when a patient meets an accident, fracture and surgical operation also contributes in causing weakness. Physiotherapy helps in regaining body mobility that helps patient to start performing regular activities.

It is advised to patients to take rehabilitation programme for speedy recovery that restores mobility, balance and enhances body strength.

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