Paediatric Physiotherapy

From birth through to their teenage years children may experience various problems and illnesses which can be alleviated by physiotherapy.  Correcting poor posture, rehabilitating injuries and improving quality of life with certain medical conditions results in a more active childhood and ultimately less health complications as an adult.

Physiotherapy is indicated for a wide variety of disorders, and at Prohealth Asia both you and your child can benefit from our expertise and services.

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Types of childhood disorders we treat include:

  • Congenital conditions such as talipes equinovarus commonly known as clubfoot
  • Postural and foot problems
  • Sports injuries and “growing pains”
  • Fracture management
  • Medical disorders such as Type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and asthma


Consists of a detailed history of the condition including any surgical prodedures, diagnostics, medications and overall health status. A physical assessment is then performed to help devise an individualized treatment plan for your child including including goal-setting.

  • A graduated rehabilitation programme appropriate to the specific condition and progressed as the child shows improvement
  • Parent education on how to integrate the programme in the home and school environment including the use of play as therapy
  • Support for parents particularly where the child requires long term care or has a chronic medical issue
  • Access to a nutritionist should dietary advice be required
  • Access to a psychologist should parents benefit from stress management or counseling

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