About Me

I graduated from Delhi University in 2006 and later in 2008, finished my post graduate in Cardio-Pulmonary from Jamia Hamdard University. Under my posting as a trainee for a cardiac setup, I realised once under knife, we begin to question our own body abilities and the more we fear, the more we begin to lose our confidence. As a Physical Therapist, I felt there was an immense need to break this cycle of loss-fear-trust-confidence.

In my years of experience, I was fortunate enough to work with leading sports clinic in New Delhi where I got trained in Manual Therapy and Chiropractic care (joints and spine manipulation). I got trained in treating Back pain on DBC (Documentation Based Care) equipment which is being used in spine clinics worldwide. I worked with sports personalities from golf, running, tennis and swimming background. I was also the Consultant Physiotherapist for Ashoka University in 2014, and have been associated with a women’s running group where I train them on better running techniques and injury free running.

Dry needling is my other pain management approach in treating musculoskeletal conditions which has by far given me satisfactory outcomes.

Interest Areas

My interests lie in travelling and exploring new places and food. I enjoy going outdoors for short runs and hence have done a few 10K`s and HM. I believe that the human body is a beautiful little adventure in itself and with new learnings, this journey can be quite enriching.

Life changing experience

The adventure in the mighty Himalayas changed my outlook towards life and I am wholeheartedly thankful to my mentor for this experience. He gave me an opportunity to be the lead physio for La Ultra-The High, one of the world`s highest and toughest Ultra Marathon (111 K,222 K,333 K) for 2 consecutive years in 2014 and 2015, catering to the needs and injuries of elite ultra-marathon runners from all over the world. It was a soulful treat that transformed me into a mountain lover, which then led me onto a few trekking expeditions. Last year I finished a Bachelorette Alpine Trek with a bunch of amazing female mountaineers.

Areas of expertise

Pain management by dry needling is one of my expertise wherein I use acupuncture needles to cure various Musculo-skeletal conditions. My forte lies in managing back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain using evidence based practices in manual and exercise therapy.

Most Fulfilling Part of Job

Client empowerment is the most satisfactory part of being a physiotherapist. You know you have done your job well when the person walks out of the clinic feeling confident about his/her body and is NOW aware of “how body works”.
To explain them that Pain is not their enemy and its management is successful only with proactive involvement of the client. I think this makes me a content professional.

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