DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Prohealth Asia, Jan 29, 2019,

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after strenuous and unaccustomed eccentric exercise. Eccentric exercises are the exercises where lengthening of muscle is taking place in order to control the movement.

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My Experience of Asian Golf Q-school Tour

Prohealth Asia, Jan 22, 2019,

I am writing to share the experience of my first Asian Golf Tour Q- school as a physiotherapist. I travelled to Hua Hin in Thailand to provide the physiotherapy cover for the Asian Golf tour Qualifying school from 24 December to 30 December, where I was accompanied by two of my Thai colleagues

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OSTEOPOROSIS- “ A silent killer of your bones”

Prohealth Asia, Jan 22, 2019,

Ageing is associated with progressive decline in overall muscle strength & bone loss. Bone deterioration happens silently and progressively. Studies have shown that bone loss starts from the age of 30–40 years in both men and women.

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Prohealth Asia, Dec 28, 2018, Female Athlete

Female Athlete Triad or FAT is a cluster of symptoms in active female population due to energy deficit leading to irregular or absent periods,poor bone health and increase injury risks.Girls who are growing, are at risk for low energy because their bodies require more energy to perform necessary functions for normal development.

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Making Exercise a Routine

Prohealth Asia, Oct 1, 2018, Exercise Yoga

Do you get enough exercise? If the answer is no - and that’s especially true for those of us with diabetes. Recent Studies have suggested that only 39 percent of people globally with type 2 diabetes participate in regular physical activity.

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Get fit with physio

Prohealth Asia, Sep 20, 2018, Expert Physiotherapist

Understanding your body and its requirements is inevitable to take its’ best care. An expert physiotherapist helps you to identify the pain areas, understand your need and you with adequate care.

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Breast cancer rehabilitation

Prohealth Asia, Sep 18, 2018, Women’s Health

Breast cancer is one of the common cancers pervasive in cancer patients across the world; majorly affecting females. However, increasing awareness about this disease has encouraged the development of different medical techniques & treatments that can help in early diagnosis and cure.

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Physio care for corporate wellness

Prohealth Asia, Sep 15, 2018, Corporate Wellness

Sitting for long hours doing the desk job and at times working for extra hours may contribute to stiffness causing back and neck pain. Also, people who commute for long hours to reach office or travel frequently out of the town /country commonly experience stiffness and aches.

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Pro-Women at Prohealth: Your physiotherapy partner for life

Prohealth Asia, Sep 13, 2018, Women’s Health

Pain with ageing is common and especially in women who are more prone to bone weakness and as muscles drain out. As we grow, our body gets more exhausted and often we end up in neglecting our health.

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Pilates for athletes-building inner strength

Prohealth Asia, Sep 12, 2018, Clinical Pilates

Fitness is the foundation of human health and this concept has evolved in its different dynamics with increased awareness. Often, fitness is misunderstood with fine shape and toned body; however, it is the amalgamation of both outer physical fitness and inner body strength.

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