About Me

My journey into the field of physiotherapy started in 2010 when I completed my Bachelor degree. Since then, I have worked at top notch facilities in Delhi NCR like Fortis Multispecialty Hospital, Noida and VIHMANS Hospital. I have vast experience working in Neuro rehabilitation, medicine, orthopedic, and cardiothoracic units inclusive of all IPD and OPD cases. I worked with a Multi-specialty hospital and part time in a clinic as well during 2011-2012. In between, I attended several workshops, obtained certification in Manual therapy and learned advanced techniques like Mulligan, MET, and Kinesiotaping KT1 and KT2. In 2012, I set out for my Masters in Physiotherapy-Musculoskeletal. During this programme, we were posted in various Multi-specialty hospitals like Indian Spinal Injury Hospital, Institute of physically handicapped, and Sports Injury Center Delhi.

For my Post masters, I moved to Mumbai and joined them as a consultant physiotherapist in sports clinic in HPE India and worked part time in VLCC as an Obesity Management advisor during 2014-2015. In 2015, I joined Jaypee hospital as a senior physiotherapist and currently I have more hands on experience on IPD and OPD patients. Enhancing my skills of expertise, I treated many patients of musculoskeletal injuries and sports injuries. During this phase, I worked with women’s health and geriatric rehabilitation and took ante-natal and post-natal sessions inclusive of counselling and group classes for geriatric age groups.

Interest Areas

I am a very lively, active person who loves indulging myself in various kinds of outdoor activities. I love to play as well as watch volleyball, football and badminton. Also, good music helps me conquer my daily treadmill runs.

Life changing experience

Living and learning independently helps me a lot to understand my shortcomings and it in-turn helps me in improvising my medical reasoning skills and decision making power.

Areas of expertise

My area of expertise is Musculoskeletal. In addition, I also learned several advanced techniques such as Maitland, Mulligan, and Kinesiotaping MET. I also specialise in Spinal, Ankle, Shoulder, Knee, Women health post-operative and Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Most Fulfilling Part of Job

Helping patients improve their quality of life by reducing functional disabilities and pain is the most fulfilling part. I strive to give my best in my professional pursuit for the overall benefits and growth of my patients.

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