One of the most difficult to treat injuries is the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or more commonly known as ACL injury. This knee pain condition can vary from one person to the other, but most symptoms lead to substantial discomfort and difficulty in carrying out normal daily activities. In the worst case scenario, ACL injuries can mean the end of an active lifestyle. Before any ACL injury gets to this stage though, a simple rehabilitation programme can easily avert these circumstances at an early stage and even without surgery.

ACL injuries are common in contact sports such as soccer and basketball, and technique based sports like skiing, where movements require flexibility in twisting and sudden change of directions.

ACL tears are usually associated with damage to other structures within the knee such as the menisci or collateral ligaments. Depending on the severity of the tear and the patient’s lifestyle, Sports and Spinal has two ACL rehabilitation programmes suitable for both surgical and non-surgical intervention.

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consist of 12 sessions

This programme is recommended for patients who suffer from mild to moderate rupture or “tear” of the ACL without other structures damaged or conditions contributing to the deteriorating knee pain.


  • Physical examination on the severity of the tear and functional disability
  • Lower limb joint assessments
  • Setting up short-term and long-term goals according to their activity level
  • Gait assessment
  • Other potential problems caused by ACL injury e.g. muscle wasting and dysfunction


  • Treatments to relieve pain, symptoms and swelling
  • Regain movement range and mobility in the knee
  • Strengthening the weakened muscles by resistance training, manual facilitation, biofeedback machine etc.
  • Plyometric training at latter stage of rehabilitation
  • Specific technique drills according to patient’s sports activity
  • Home exercise prescription programmes will be designed and revised according to improving conditions


(up to 5 or 6 months)*

This rehabilitation programme is designed for patients who have undergone the ACL reconstruction surgery. Rehabilitation outcomes may vary for individuals who have undergone other surgeries at the same time, e.g. Meniscal repair.

A tailor-made rehabilitation programme will be delivered according to the type of surgery the patient received. For the most desired results, we recommend the treatment frequency to start at least 2-3 times a week for the first two months, then gradually decreasing according to individual progression.

Here are the goals for the ACL Post-Operative Rehabilitation Programme set out in different phases after reconstructive surgery:

Weeks 1-3:

90∘ knee flexion range and full extension

Independent quadriceps contraction

Walking without crutches by the end of Week 3.

Weeks 4-6: 

120∘ knee flexion range

Normal gait cycle

Stair walking with good knee control

Weeks 7-10  

Full range

Able to do light jogging

Months 3-4: Jogging to Running phase

Months 4-5: Agility phase

Months 5-6: Return to Drills phase

Months 6-7: Return to Practice phase

Months 7-8: Return to Competition phase


*Please note the ACL post-operative rehabilitation programme may vary for individuals due to the fact that many ACL surgery is performed to correct other related conditions at the same time.

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